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Experience and Project References

We recommend that owners and engineers protect their interests by ensuring that the experience level of the pipe bursting contractor will assure delivery of a high quality project within schedule expectations. 


A few of the categories of performance and reference information that should be specified and verified by the purchaser include:

  • A minimum footage of installed experience (e.g., 10,000 ft.)

  • Does the contactor have adequate experience with projects of a similar type 
    or complexity?

  • A record of projects completed on schedule

  • Was the contactor's equipment suited to the specific needs of the project?

  • Did the results meet or exceed specified requirements and owner expectations?

  • Would the project(s) be described as successful?

Pipe Bursting of New Englandsm is the region's leading provider of pipe bursting services. We have assisted a variety of municipalities, consulting engineers, and private owners in solving their pipe replacement challenges.

Please contact us to request a current reference list.

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